No matter if you make fried chicken, grilled burgers
or tacos, real food tastes better.

That’s why, now that our whole food menu is 100% free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavours, we've decided to create a website (yep, this website) to share all the secrets of our new and tasty menu with everyone.

How to clean your menu

1: Buns.


The bun is the first thing in a hamburger
and the first of our things you should copy.

To achieve it, remove artificial preservative “calcium propionate (E282)”
and replace with natural preservative “fermented wheat flour”, together
with a natural acidulant ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

2: Bacon.


Bacon makes everything better,
but now you can make bacon itself even better.

Replace artificial preservative "sodium nitrite (E250)" and artificial
“smoking flavoring” with rosemary, yeast and citrus extracts, vitamin C,
natural flavor and smoked water.

3: Mayo.


With a natural and
easier-to-pronounce preservative.

Take the “potassium sorbate (E202)” and… don\’t use it.
Instead, add spirit vinegar.

4: Pickles.


Hate them or love them,
better without preservatives.

Slice pickled cucumber into thickness 3/16” and place the sticks
into a clean container with a lid. Make brine with water, salt, vinegar,
pickle seasoning, calcium chloride and lactic acid. Add brine to pickles.
Test pH and salt, place lid on the container to secure properly and… enjoy.
(Or remove them if you don’t like them.)

5: Soft serve.


Get an ice cream of modern times,
not one from the ice ages.

To make it, replace artificial flavoring vanillin
with a natural flavoring.

6: Fries.


Cut, fry, salt.

With just three words you'll have fries
that will leave you speechless.

7: Beef Patties.


When you use 100% ground beef,
you have 0% chance of it going wrong.

A lot of meat, a little salt and nothing else.

8: Cheese.


Say (no artificial colorants
and preservatives)

In some cheeses no natural preservatives are required to keep
the product shelf stable. Also in some cheeses we have replaced artificial
colorants with natural ones as beta-carotene.

9: Ketchup.


The better the tomatoes,
the better the ketchup.

The key here is the tomatoes so choose a good supplier of fresh tomatoes.
If you don't have one we can give you the details of ours.

Now that you've got them, crush tomatoes and add spirit vinegar, sugar,
salt, spices and herb extracts.